The Problems Caused by Intellectual Exodus. The Solutions to Stem the Brain Drain in Republic of Moldova





The intellect exodus remains a phenomenon of the XX–XXI century, its study being especially valid now because the effects it can generate are unpredictable, contradictory and sometimes quite difficult to perceive. The migration of highly educated people across international borders, most often from relatively poor countries of origin to relatively rich recipient countries requires particular attention and close monitoring. The article examines patterns of recent emigration of the highly-educated from developing countries, and particularly from Moldova – the “brain drain”. The purpose of this paper is to assess the issue that is caused by highly educated and skilled migration, and to try to analyze the impact of this phenomenon on the economic development of the countries of destinations and on the origin countries. Also, in article is shown the global action and solutions undertaken by the authorities in the Republic of Moldova to stem the brain drain. The paper predominantly uses the analysis method to expose and explain the phenomenon of intellectual migration from an economic perspective. Synthesis is used as a research method to highlight and present the links between brain drain and the economic development of a state.