Inditex Business Activity in Europe





This research paper analyzes the internal dimensions of the EU in terms of the single market and the opportunities it offers to the business sector. Of the four freedoms, the free movement of goods – and its polices – are addressed and applied to the case of Inditex. The question at hand is: Has Inditex succeeded in Europe due to the single market, particularly the free movement of goods, or have other factors contributed to their success? To answer this question the first section is an analysis of the single market and its role in trade following the implications of the free movement of goods, particularly, the customs union. Then the case study of Inditex as a business in the EU is presented. It is followed by a discussion whether the free movement of goods has attributed to Inditex’s business success. Articles 34 and 35 of the Treaty of the Functioning on The European Union are addressed in terms of Inditex’s increased business activities in the EU. Following, the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the EU is mentioned together with its role in the business sector. Lastly, a marketing plan aimed at increasing trade and business cooperation with the EU is presented.

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